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A photo speaks a thousand words?


A picture says a thousand words. That is true. It is amazing how a picture is able to capture the smiles and the laughter that comes with the good times we have with friends and family. They have the ability to take us back in time and re-experiencethat feeling of belongingness and security that comes with having them around. And when they are not with us these pictures make us nostalgic and wanting to be back home.

Many of us do not own a camera now. The phone has taken over the functions of many things including the camera and even the family camcorder. So what happens when you run out of battery in your phone?

There is very few situations in which the ways of traditional photography is still included. It is only during occasions such as weddings and parties’ people now require the services of a professional. Photo booth Singapore is a highly requested element at many of today’s social gatherings, specifically weddings as they bring in a sense of fun as messing around with your close friends and relatives while posing for funny pics can be very entertaining.

Here is what a typical photo booth offers in a nutshell:

  • Unlimited printouts capturing your goof times and out of the world poses.
  • Option to include multiple photos in form of a collage so you won’t have to choose between the snaps you take
  • Choose the size of the print you prefer form the available 5 options. Something to sit at your desk in the work place or something to tuck safely into your wallet.
  • Co-ordinate with the team to come up with a frame/design that will be included in all the pictures
  • laminated plastic covers for all the photos so you can hold on to those pics a little longer.
  • Standard props provision with the option of creating props that will complement your event’s theme
  • Choose a backdrop that will appear as the background of all your photos
  • Softcopies of the photos after event through a online gallery so you can take extra print outs if the need for it arises.
  • A reliable printing device that will print out the end product
  • Friendly people to assist you at the event to walk you through any of the questions you may have.

Many people shy away from photos because they have put on a few pounds or because they think they just not photogenic but I say chuck that negativity. You are awesome just the way you are, now get over here for a pic!

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