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Easy Guide to Looking Fabulous in Plus-Size Clothing


More often than not, some plus-sized women find it challenging to find the right clothing to keep up with the trend. How do you pull off your plus-size body and confidently own your style? There is a way to fabulously looking and feel your best.

Your local store may not carry fashionable plus-size clothing. You may search online to find for the latest trends. You can look into social media for reviews from other shoppers. This will give you an idea of a store’s reputation.

It’s Not About The Color

They say that plus-sized women can’t wear any light colors. You can wear any color – given that it complements your skin color. There are some colors that go together and will work well for your figure. Given the right cut and fit, you can work with any style.

If you’re unsure how to proceed with this transformation, start first with your shoes, bags or jewelry. From here, move to bigger ‘pieces’ like your jeans. For prints, go for prints that are proportionate to your size. Watercolor prints that melt into other colors might give you a more flattering look.

Monochrome – Use But Not Abuse

While this is a staple in most wardrobes, it doesn’t mean that you have to keep wearing the same style every single day. Monochrome can do wonders to slim down your figure but it can also make you boring.

Play with different fabric textures like chiffon with some pop of color to keep your look interesting. While you may also play with nudes, it shouldn’t have the same color as your skin. Go for a shade darker or lighter so there’s delineation between you and your clothing.

Sexier With Stripes

Stripes had been getting a bad rap – and all for good reasons. While you should never touch a top with large horizontal stripes with a 10-inch pole, you can do well with stripes of a different kind. Stripes that have asymmetrical designs will do more good for your shape. Stripes that are angled inward are likely to give the illusion that you have an hour-glass figure. Thinner stripes on a dark background will actually work better than the other way around!

To get a more flattering shape, you can use plus size shapewear. Always go for a shapewear that is comfortable to use for the next few hours. You can choose between ultra-slimming or light-slimming. If you want to emphasize your butt, go for snug shapewear that trims down the waist area.

Trendy Vs. Basic

Well, you can opt for whatever floats your boat. If you can easily adapt to today’s fashion, then why not? The trick is to be like a chameleon.

Adapt to current styles by giving it a few twists that will work in your favor. Fancy a crop top? Go for tops that have a longer cut and pair these with a high-waist skirt.

Color blocking may also work for plus-size women. Position the darker shades on areas you’d want to tone down. You can also check online for charts on these so you can play with the right colors in any given occasion – and shade.

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