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Simple Steps That You Can Take To Update Your Closet


There are some days where we spend hours getting dressed only to hate the outfit that we came up with. But even if you hate everything that you own we know that you can’t replace your entire wardrobe. This is not a viable option for many of us. That is because replacing an entire wardrobe would cost a fortune. Furthermore, it would have taken you years to build your wardrobe to the stage it is at now. However, what if I was to say that there is another way to update your wardrobe?

Rediscover Your Closet

More often than not we don’t have to purchase new clothes to update our closet. That is because we would have everything from party wear Singapore to beachwear right in our closet. But the problem is that many of us only wear about 20% of our closet. Thus, that is why we reach for the same pieces of clothing every time we have to go out. Therefore what you need to do is rediscover your closet. That is because all the clothes in your closet you purchased because you liked them. It is true that you may have certain items that you purchased a couple of years ago. But even if you haven’t worn it yet you purchased it because you liked it. Furthermore, it was also because you looked good in this outfit. Therefore you need to take time to take everything out from your closet. This way you would discover many outfits that you have previously forgotten about. Ideally, we would recommend you to place the items you wear on a regular basis at the back of the closet. Then whether you like it or not you would be forced to pick items that you haven’t worn before.

Visit Different Stores

By this stage of your life, we know that you would have your favourite store to shop from. However, while you feel comfortable here visiting the same store is not always a good idea. That is because it would continue to have the same styles. Therefore every time you buy something new you would purchase something similar to the ones you have. Thus, that is why we think it would be a good idea for you to visit a new store. If you normally purchase from the mainstream brands try an indie brand. We know that you would be initially reluctant to take this step. But we can guarantee that you would find something that you like.

Upgrading your closet may sometimes seem like an impossible task. But with these tips, you can easily streamline the process.

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