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Things that will help you with your image and self esteem


People always have problem with everything they do. Psychological testings and research had established that we are over own biggest critic. It does not matter even if they are narcissistic, even they have their critics but they tend to overpower the inner critic with their monumental self regard.  But, in simple words, everyone has their own tormentor inside them and for a few unlucky people we also have tormentors outside in name of family, friends and acquaintance. However, good for us, psychology has answers for us. When we just accept the hurtful negative comments, then you will have problems dealing with it. But, if you project a better self image and are confident in the way you look, then people are less likely to comment about your looks. Even if they do, you would have trained yourself to look for the positives. Here are few other things you can do increase your self esteem.

Set goals which are achievable and attainable

When you are setting goal for yourself of any kind, you should make sure to keep them attainable and achievable. You also need to make sure that you do not set unrealistic goals whereby you will be unable to reach them which will again make you feel bad about yourself. For example, if you are planning to lose weight, then for the first few months, plan to lose one to two kilograms of your body mass (weight) instead of trying to lose 7 to 20 kilograms in one week to one month. If you are unable to reach that you will feel bad about your weight and yourself.

Avoid comparing yourself or your attributes to someone else

This is one of the reasons why the cosmetic industry and cosmetic doctors are able to make great profits. Once you start comparing yourself to someone else, you will feel the need to make yourself look more like them. If you really want to go for some change then try organic or natural remedies. For example, if you are dissatisfied by your hair, then you can try to use hair care which will aid you to take care of your hair by being a good supplement.

These are not the only exceptions, there are some other things you can follow like reproaching your inner critic sends a snide comment about you, take two minutes to appreciate yourself everyday or whenever you are feeling down.

When you learn to be your own cheerleader, you will learn to feel great about yourself. You should always have good friends who will have your back when you are feeling down.

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