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Tips regarding active wear


Exercise is a part of daily living for many in this day and age. Clothes specialized for exercise are many and they must be purchased, maintained, and used appropriately. Make a note of the tips below to know what you should and should not do regarding your workout clothes.

Choose the right fabric

Active wear usually need a fabric which makes you feel comfortable, allows flexibility, and doesn’t heat you up too much. For example, though 100% cotton is very comfortable, it can absorb the sweat easily, thus leave you with sweat stains which can be embarrassing and irritating. If you are living in an area with cold climate, then the fabric must lock the heat inside to keep you warm. Sweat absorbing material can make you feel cold after you are done with the workout. However, rubber or plastic like material can lock the sweat in and heat up your body too much, so stay away from these as well. Before purchasing multiple pieces of clothing from one fabric, test it out to see if it’s suitable for you.

Choose the right size

To ensure comfort, we may think wearing baggy clothes maybe the most suitable, but it’s not. Sometimes baggy clothes may add on excess weight which makes the workout harder. Also it can be hazardous at times as they can get caught in the machines. Wear clothes that fit you just right. It’s always best to fit it on before you purchase it. When you wear clothes that fit you just right, you tend to look good which may motivate you to exercise and keep your fitness high. Make sure that the clothes stretch enough for workouts like Pilates. One important piece of clothing that you should probably be very careful about getting in the proper size is sports bra in Singapore. These should fit you well to prevent any sagging later on in life.

Keep them clean

After you finish exercising, wash the clothes without just drying and wearing the same again the next day. Sweat provides an excellent medium for bacteria to grow, so it would be very unhygienic to wear active wear without washing them. It may also give off a bad smell which others shouldn’t be forced to tolerate. It’s better to take a body wash right after your workout without spending too much time in the sweaty active wear as well.Take a note of the tips above to choose and care properly for your active wear to get the best use out of them.

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