Fashion — January 19, 2019 at 10:19 am

To perfect that pout


We all have our good n bad sides. Good days and bad days. Days we feel on top of the world and days in which we want a hole to open up and swallow us into nothingness. All because we are horrified at what we see when we look in the mirror.

Lip embroidery, also referred to as lip tattooingallows you to feel a little less self-conscious and allows you to project self-confidence around the clock. Even in the gym and in the pool where you are likely to have run down eyeliner make you look a little scary. It helps you simplify your go to look and feel confidant to go out there and be yourself. Even though we tell ourselves that that others think of us should not matter it is hard to oversee and overhear their opinions. That is just how the world is set to work. Therefore if there is that little something we can do for we that will boost our confidence I say go for it.

The process of lip tattooing takes approximately an hour and its results are known to last over a period of five years. Some may consider this exercise to be vain but this not only help people with insecurities about their features but also anybody who has discoloured lips due to illness, injury or any other damage that could have disfigured the lips. The procedure is painless and non-invasive and does not pose the risks plastic surgery is inherent with, this might be one of the reasons there is many who are opting to get their lips done.

Want to try this out for yourself but have too many questions? Your trained technician at the procedure centre will be able to provide you with all the literature and information you need to arrive at an informed decision and they are also able to refer you to their clients who are able to share their journey with you. This I’m sure will help you immensely to weigh the pros and cons of lip embroidery.

We are all rushing off to do one thing or the other and seldom have enough time to clean up our act and look our best, even when it is an appointment where your appearance counts. For people with busy, back to back schedule little things such as this will allow them to hold the fort and be able to cope with physical and emotional exhaustion of managing a hectic life.

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